2003 - New Nobles Hospital Project

History of Noble's Hospital

1888 – Nobles Hospital & Dispensary, Isle of Man

Architect: Bleakley & Cubbon

Noble’s Isle of Man Hospital and Dispensary opened in 1888. It was provided by the munificence of the town’s benefactor, Henry Bloom Noble. Published in The Building News, July 2nd 1886. The style of architecture chosen for the new Noble’s Hospital with its red Ruabon brick and half timbered façade, stone window mullions, tall chimneys and bell tower steeple was a highly fashionable and popular design style of the time. It was a style much in vogue for Municipal buildings of the period such as libraries, museums, public baths, town halls, and of course hospitals.

The hospital building became the new Manx Museum in 1922 having lain unused for ten years following the building of a new and larger hospital on the outskirts of Douglas in 1912. The original hospital building has since been greatly modified during the 20th century with new extensions being built at both ends of the site.

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With the opening of the new hospital in July 2003, the equivalent of over 100 more full time positions were created by Government in order to provide new services or as a result of changes to working practices which have been introduced in the interests of greater clinical efficiency.

About 170 additional staff members have been recruited - many of them part time. Of the new recruits around 60% are local residents, the majority of the remainder joining from the British Isles.

Recruitment, whether in the areas of nursing, physiotherapy or housekeeping is in the hands of Bev Critchlow, Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Professional Development. She says:

'The reason we have been so successful is because we have sold the major attributes of the Island to staff coming from the UK, by which I mean our quality of life. Allied to this is the new hospital that is so impressive it has become a major selling point for us.' 

When the hospital opened its doors on 14 July 2003, visitors discovered that several new services have been introduced - such as a magnetic resonance imaging body scanner which will mean around 500 patients not having to travel to the UK each year.

Costing over £111 million the new hospital building houses 314 acute specialties beds including a dedicated 18-bed day case unit, a 15-bed private patient unit, seven operating theatres, a 25-bed rehabilitation unit and a day assessment and treatment unit.

Further facilities include a dedicated outpatient department, accident and emergency, radiology, pathology and rehabilitation departments

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